Tennis Betting

Tennis, an event sculpted by grace, agility, strength and sheer determination to win, is one of the most followed sports globally. Unsurprisingly, it is now bursting with sports betting markets and prominent amongst betting fans, yet this has not always been the case.

Betting on an individual tennis match was nothing more than an afterthought to the majority of sport and betting enthusiasts. This was largely due to the lack of betting markets and skinny odds available on match betting, but now followers of the sport are spoiled with the number of opportunities made available to them by bookmakers.

From betting on the Australian, French and US Open, to the 'Murray Mount' and 'Tiger Tim' echo's of Wimbledon. Betting on the sports annual Grand Slams have proven to be top ranked, along with the Masters, 250 & 500 Series' and end of year tour finals.

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Here at Monster Bet, we will guide you through our Top 4 Tennis Betting Markets and give you our advice on how to win that vital break point against the bookmakers. We'll also have a glance at the Tennis terminology you'll ever need to know.

Latest Tennis Betting News

The crowning jewel in the clay season is on the horizon with the French Open in Paris. The second Grand Slam of the year and the only one to be played on clay courts, provides two solid weeks of betting opportunities with a host of available markets. Of course the main draw will be the outright winners' market but with hosts of games taking place daily in both the men's and women's tournaments there are plenty of other options to take a punt on with regards to individual matches including:

  • Games Handicaps
  • Total Sets
  • Winning Margin
  • Tie Breaks in Match

The favourite for the men's tournament will be Rafael Nadal, with the Spaniard boasting a quite incredible record in the competition. He has nine wins in total and had he not been dogged by injury issues over the past couple of years, that total would be even greater. He is the undisputed 'King of Clay' and he looks to be getting back to his best in recent months with wins on the surface at tournaments in Madrid and Monte Carlo. Nadal's record and reputation in this event means that he is likely to enter the competition at a price of just over evens, which whilst not the greatest value it is entirely justified.

However this does promise to be a competitive tournament with the other member's of men's tennis also firmly in contention. It has been a while since Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer have all been genuine contenders to win a tournament but that will be the case this year if Federer does indeed decide to play. He has suffered injury problems since winning the Australian Open at the start of the year but has signalled his desire to take part and attempt to add to his solitary victory in Paris in 2009. Murray and Djokovic haven't been in the best of form but expect them both to be raring to go by the time the tournament gets around so this could be a really exciting competition to use your tennis free bet on!

Outright Tournament Betting

Beyond question, the most in demand tennis betting market out there. It's simple and can provide punters with amazing value. We all have opinions and make judgements upon who we believe will win the first Grand Slam of the year or cope better with the clay conditions in Paris, and the outright betting market provides us with an opportunity to back our pick to go all the way.

Whether you've backed Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova, as long as your selection arrives at, and wins the final of a tournament, you'll have yourself a winning bet.

Match Betting

Another unmistakable market. The beauty of Match Betting in tennis, is the wipe out of the possibility of a drawn match, such as betting on football. You would be selecting which of the two participants will prevail in a vigorous tussle of power, skill and athleticism.

Betting on the top seeds to win their match, particularly at the early stages of a tournament would present you with very skinny odds. However, you will find there is plenty of value to be had lower down the rankings, the later stages of tournaments and within other betting markets (See Below).

Our recommendation for match betting with skinny prices is exploring additional matches to find potential winners to build an accumulator, to boost the odds, but remember, a skinny price doesn't always mean a certainty.

Set Betting

A market overflowing with possibilities and value. If you have researched an upcoming match and found yourself a potential winner, but have been perturbed by the smaller odds on offer, then Set Betting is just for you. Similarly to the correct score market in football, you'll be attempting to predict the exact score and outcome of a match. For example, Andy Murray to beat Jo Wilfred Tsonga 2-1 (Sets).

Total Number of Games

Betting on the number of games in a match has become increasingly popular and as punters alike, we have continued to search for betting opportunities and value, and we really haven't been left disappointed with the 'Total Number of Games' market offered by bookmakers.

Similarly to handicap betting, traders across the globe create a 'line', such as 19.5 games, and it is for us astute students to predict whether the total number of games in the match will be over or under the line given.

As an example, if we take the line above of 19.5 games and our match ended 6-1 6-3, the number of games would have totalled 16. Therefore, for us to have had a winning bet, we would have had to simply predict 'under 19.5 games'. Which we're certain you would have done!.

Tennis Terminology

If you have just been introduced to the world of betting on tennis, we have put together a list of terminology used in the sport, that we think will be to your 'Advantage'.

  • Advantage - See what we did there! When the score is tied on deuce in a game, the next point won by a player would give them an advantage. The player with the advantage point will then only have to win the next point to take the game.
  • ATP Also known as the Association of Tennis Professionals, they are the organising body of professional men’s tennis around the world.
  • Break – A break occurs when a player receiving serve wins the game.
  • Challenge – If a player disagrees with a call by a line judge, he / she can 'challenge' the call with the umpire and the decision will be reviewed using technology such as Hawk-Eye.
  • Double Fault – If the serving player misplaces their serve twice consecutively in one point, they lose that point in the game.
  • Match Point – A situation in a match where the player leading only needs one more point to win the whole match.
  • Seed – A players position in a tournament is given to them by which seeded number they are. A seed is determined by a players ranking. Prior to a tournament beginning, the specified number of seeds available will be given to higher ranked participants and will face unseeded players in the early stages.
  • Set Point – A situation in a match where the player leading only needs one more point to win the set.
  • Straight Sets – A term given to a player who wins his / her match without losing a set. For example, 6-0, 6-2.
  • Tie-break – When players in a particular set have each won six games (6-6), a further game is played to determine the winner of the set. The tie-break game is won by the first player to reach 7 points with a difference of 2 points to his/her opponent.
  • Walkover – A walkover is given to a player is his/her opponent does not start the match, commonly due to injury. The player awarded with a walkover is classed as the 'unopposed winner'. For betting purposes, walkovers are treated as non-runners and all bets are void.
  • WTA – Also known as the Women's Tennis Association, they are the organising body of professional women's tennis on tour.

Monster Bet's advice on Betting on Tennis

Tennis is widely regarded as one of the most popular sports, and with the number of professional players on the ATP and WTA tours expanding, it is down to us punters to use all the statistics and knowledge at our disposal to unearth winning selections. We firmly believe that betting on tennis can pay handsomely, if you are prepared to do the research.

Use our Monster Bet guides, tournament previews and tips to place your first bet on tennis completely free!.