Snooker Betting

Snooker, a stalwart and primary feature of both high-street and online sports betting. Rooted in history dating back to 19th century, the time-honoured sport of Snooker is both watched and played by millions across the world, and now, wide-ranging betting opportunities are also appearing on the board's of bookmakers. Following the popularity boom Snooker has acquired in recent years, with the aid of extensive coverage of tournaments such as the World Snooker Championships, The Masters, UK Championships, and China Open now reaching millions, betting on the sport has rocketed alongside, with hoards of money now being staked on the larger events.

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Whether placing a wager on the outcome of a match, frame or attempting to predict the winner of an entire tournament, Snooker betting markets are unbounded with possibilities, and with live up to the pot statistics and information accessible to punters, betting on Snooker is proving to be both popular and profitable.

Here at MonsterBet, we will guide you through the most common bets placed on Snooker, and the lesser known markets stuffed with value. We will translate the terminology and lingo of the sport, and also bring you up to date with the latest free bet offers from our top recommended bookmakers.

Latest Snooker Betting News

The 13th ranking event of the snooker season will take place in Preston's Guild Hall this week with the World Grand Prix. The 32-man field is made up from the top ranked players over the course of the past year, with prize money being take in to account from the 2016 Riga Masters to the German Masters that took place at the start of this month.

As per most of the major snooker events, there are a host of top names involved this week, including last year's winner Shaun Murphy and the man who won the inaugural edition of the tournament back in 2015, Judd Trump. However the bookies' favourite going in to proceedings is Ronnie O'Sullivan, as he seemingly is for all of the major events these days. The nature of this field however ensures that the tournament will certainly be competitive so expect the likes of Mark Selby, John Higgins and the aforementioned Murphy and Trump to feature heavily come the business end of the competition.

The tournament is one of the more modern in snooker and has only been contested twice, making it difficult to look to previous trends for winners. The winner is more than likely to come from that group previously mentioned but it's perhaps wise to wait for the first round of games to have taken place before laying your outright winner's bet.

Snooker Betting Markets

Other elements to the outright market include placing a bet on a nominated player To Reach The Final of a tournament, or which two players will compete in the final (Name The Finalists market). If you believe you've spotted a player who may fall just short of going all the way, however you have an inkling he will progress to the Semi Finals, you can now place a bet on him winning his Quarter of the draw.

Another betting opportunity up for grabs on Snooker is the exciting Correct Score market. Resembling the correct score market in Football Betting, punters will be attempting to predict what the score will be at the end of a particular match.

A growing culture within sports betting, and betting in general is Bet In Play Markets. No longer do bookmakers slam shut the book when a match begins. Exciting markets have been introduced which allows punters to place bets whilst watch a live match. These markets include, Next or Current Frame Winner, Session Winner (Which player will win a designated session of play), 1st Colour Potted (Which coloured ball will be potted first in a nominated frame) and 1st Red Potted (Which player will pot the first red in a particular frame).

Snooker Terminology & Lingo

MonsterBet have put together just some of the key Terminology you'll hear whilst betting on and watching Snooker.

Break – The first shot of a frame.

Cannon – When a player hits the cue ball to make contact with more than one ball. You may also hear the phrase “He's cannoned the cue ball into the reds”.

Century Break – A Break of 100 or more points in just one visit to the table without missing.

Clearance – Whereby all remaining balls are cleared during a break.

Double Shot – Is a shot taken by a player where the target ball is played off the cushion as part of the shot.

Double Kiss – A shot taken where the target ball strikes the cue ball twice during the shot.

Frame – A single game which is played during a match of Snooker.

In Off – This occurs when a player takes a shot and the cue ball also ends up in one of the pockets.

Maximum – Also known as a 'Maximum Break', this is when a player scores the maximum number of points of 147 by potting all 15 reds, black and each colour in correct order in one just visit to the table.

Safety Shot – When a player is unable to pot a ball or it's too risky to attempt, he will play a safety shot to place the cue ball in a difficult position on the table for this opponents next visit.

Snookered – A term given to a player when he is unable to hit the target ball directly because another ball or balls are in the way.

Free Bets on Snooker with MonsterBet

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