Off the Betting Path: Best of Bizarre Novelty Bets

An infographic surrounding the most bizarre novelty bets from around the world! 

MonsterBet, one of the UK's premier free bets services brings you the most bizarre and peculiar novelty bets from around the world.

Check out our infographic for MonsterBet’s favourite novelty bets or read on for even more bizarre bets!

An infographic on bizarre novelty bets from MonsterBet

X Factor

Did you know, in 2012 over £3 million was bet on the show throughout the series. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence, every year thousands and thousands of people place bets on reality TV shows in the UK; from X Factor, to I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and most popularly, Big Brother.

Would you bet on your child?

Back in 1989 a factory worker named Kevin Bohn placed a week’s wages of £140 at 300-1 that his then 14-year-old son Mark Williams would win snooker’s World Championship by the year 2000. He’s based this decision on seeing his son play a few times at their local snooker club. Eleven years later, Bohn picked up a cheque for £42,000, not a bad result!

Will Prince Harry ever get married?

Sadly for Prince Harry, punters don’t think that Prince Harry will secure a wife until 2017 or later... Proof them wrong Harry!

Bizarre bets from the Super Bowl

Every year, a whole host of bizarre bets are announced in line with the Super Bowl, here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Will the announcers say the word marijuana during the game?
  • Will the power go out in the stadium?

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Every year thousands of people place bets on it snowing on Christmas day in their UK city. For 2014 Dundee is the odds-on favourite city for a white Christmas. For those that don’t know, the Met Office defines a white Christmas as a single snowflake falling at s specific location within 24 hours of December 25th.

Who cares if Chris Martin has a girlfriend?

Apparently you can bet on who will be Chris Martin’s next girlfriend. Christ Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, split from wife Gwyneth Paltrow last year and you can now bet on who will be his next girlfriend. Seriously, who cares right?

Pregnant pandas

Back when it was suspected that the Panda, named Tian Tian, from the Edinburgh Zoo was pregnant there was a 33/1 odds of her showing off three or more panda babies. Sadly we haven’t seen any Panda cubs yet but here is hoping for some exciting news soon!

One Direction - Who will leave?

A novelty bet that is picking up momentum at the moment is on who will be the first band mate to leave One Direction. As it stands, bookmakers have Liam Payne as the favourite to be the first to quit the band.