Always Take The Best Horse Racing Odds

To make good profits when horse racing betting, it is vital to back the horse at the best possible prices. In games like poker then one of the differences between a professional player and an amateur is in how the pro will not waste money.

For example if they feel that their opponent is weak and they want to bluff then they will not raise any more than what they feel that they need to get the job done. For example if the pot is five hundred dollars and their opponent bets two hundred and fifty dollars then a pot sized raise would be risking too much to win the same amount.

If your opponent would fold to a raise to six hundred and fifty dollars then why raise to eight hundred? The extra one hundred and fifty dollars has essentially been wasted and will be lost when your opponent actually has a hand and your assessment is wrong.

Don't Waste Money By Betting Badly

This is called dead money and it is something that you should avoid at all costs as a poker player. Dead money also exists in betting and you will struggle to make betting pay if you are guilty of losing dead money. Firstly take a twenty pound note out of your pocket……do it right now!

If you don’t have one in your pocket then go and get one. Now go and get a box of matches…..take out a match and strike it on the box and set fire to the note. I guarantee that you wouldn’t even get as far as striking the match because the thought of setting fire to money would horrify you.

What a colossal waste of money that would be. However twenty pounds is twenty pounds in whatever form it is in. Now let us take someone who places a bet on a horse at 4/1 and it wins and they return one hundred pound from a twenty pound stake.

Think Your Bets Through

Someone who placed a bet on that same horse but found a betting firm that were offering 5/1 would return one hundred and twenty pound for the same stake and the same result. This is the same twenty pound that you wouldn’t have set fire to a moment earlier.

People willingly throw money away like this needlessly but yet would be horrified to set fire to their own money. If you are ever going to make it as a sports bettor then you absolutely have to take the best prices all the time without exception.

When your bet loses then you don’t see the “lost” money because whether you took 4/1 or 5/1 then it made no difference in this instance. However the fact remains that you simply cannot afford to leave dead money behind like this.

It is hard enough at the best of times to beat the betting firms without allowing them to keep your money or not hitting them for the maximum possible pay off.

If you are a full time gambler and you create twenty grand in dead money over the space of a year then not only have you lost twenty grand but you have effectively bought the bookies a brand new car.