Does Your Player Have Confidence?

Golf betting is big business these days and the top of the men’s game has become far more competitive with the top players all having coaches and psychologists. Golf like many others is an individual sport where the player has to resort to their own metal at key moments.

Great Golfing Disasters

Is it any wonder then that many players have experienced huge collapses down the years? One thinks of Jean Van Der Velde, Thomas Bjorn and Adam Scott at the Open and Greg Norman and Rory Mcilroy at the Masters who all blew big leads under dramatic circumstances.

Golf is a game where you have to be mentally right or you are going to be behind the players who are. There are key signals that a player may falter in a given situation. Just because a player has never been in a winning situation before doesn’t automatically mean that they lack confidence.

Big Major Winners

You can often make a big mistake opposing players who haven’t won a major for example. Recent first time major winners have been numerous, Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Rory Mcilroy, Bubba Watson and Keegan Bradley to name but a few.

A player can have confidence and be a virtual unknown and the only reason why they never got close in a major was because their game wasn’t consistent enough. This is why players can come out of nowhere to win majors. However a player can be a major winner and still lack confidence.

Recent examples can be seen with players like Padraig Harrington who has won three majors. However when he had to reconstruct his entire swing then his confidence was shot to pieces and opposing him would have been a profitable strategy.

Mcilroy On The Slide?

Likewise with Rory Mcilroy after his change of sponsor and being forced to change golf clubs. It was obvious that his confidence was lacking and he went from being a double major winner to a player that was missing cuts. Confidence is a fragile thing and a player can lose it within a very short space of time.

All it takes is a change of clubs or something happening within their private life and suddenly their game is off kilter. Quite often the gossip columns are not a bad place to look in professional sport and this also means the golf forums.

If a certain player breaks up with his long term wife then this can have a traumatic effect on their short term game. So opposing them in three balls for example or two balls can be a very effective strategy as long as there isn’t much to choose between them and their opponent.

In top class professional golf these days then most top pros are capable of beating each other. However just like any other individual sport, things like injuries, personal problems and other setbacks can be all it takes for a player to struggle to play their normal game. The margins between success and failure in top class golf are very thin indeed.