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About F1 Betting

Visors down, we are entering the supersonic world of Formula One. Better known as simply F1, the popular sport has been propelled to mainstream heights and become the most recognised form of motor racing.

Did you know?, an F1 car consists of approximately 80,000 components, and each individual part must be assembled with cent per cent accuracy, and punters must be just as clued up and precise when it comes to betting on one of the most difficult markets, overflowing with new betting prospects.

The days of only being able to place a bet on the winner of an upcoming race have well and truly been displaced. Betting on F1 now starts days ahead of teams lining up on the starting grid waiting for the sequence of five extinguishing lights to signal the start of a race. With over 25 betting markets now available on any given race, punters have a variety of fresh betting opportunities, including betting on pre race qualifying and exciting new markets on the pre race practise sessions.

Here at MonsterBet, we'll give you all the vital information you'll need to relegate the bookmakers to 2nd place on the podium and take your rightful place at the top. We'll guide you through the top betting opportunities with our blueprint of F1 Betting Markets (Well, green print, we are MonsterBet after all). We'll introduce you to the leading drivers of the sport and reveal our driver to follower for the future. Just when you think we can't give you any more, we'll also recommended our top bookmakers for free bets on Formula One.

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F1 Practice Betting

The Formula One race weekend begins with Friday and Saturday morning practice sessions. Punters can now place bets on which driver will set the fastest time in a specified session to be declared as the Session Winner. Additionally, online bookmakers now also offer a variety of Match Bets for each practice session. The bookmaker will nominate two drivers to create a match up, the driver that sets the fastest lap between the two will be deemed the winner.

F1 Qualifying Betting

A pivotal element of the Formula One weekend is the Qualifying stages, ultimately deciding the positions on the starting grid come race time. With comprehensive coverage of all stages of qualifying, it hasn't come as a surprise that bookmakers are chalking up markets such as the Fastest Qualifier. Other popular markets at this stage of the weekend include which driver will Qualify on the First Row and similarly to Match Bets in the practice stages, you can now place a bet on one of the two nominated drivers in a one on one bout. Whichever driver sets the fastest qualifying time of the final session is deemed the winning driver. Don't forget to shop around as you will find alternative match ups with each bookmaker.

F1 Race Betting

Its race day, at this stage of the weekend, we know which teams and drivers have shone in Practice and who has claimed an advantage by leading the staring grid in pole position. Countless betting opportunities open up to us punters at this stage, starting with the most popular, the Race Winner market. Odds are available on each driver to finish the race in 1st place, however markets are also available further down the finishing order including the possibility of backing your selected driver to Finish on the Podium or secure a Top 6 Finish. It's becoming a common feature of F1 betting, but Match Bets are also available at race stage, you'll simply be predicting which driver will finish ahead of their quoted opponent.

Other appealing markets include Forecast Betting. Just like in the world of horse racing betting, you can place a bet on who you believe will cross the chequered flag in 1st and 2nd place in correct order. Duel or better known as Reverse Forecast Betting is also available. You'll need to nominate two drivers and as long as they fill the first two places on the podium, you'll have yourself a well earned winning bet. If you have spotted a driver that has been flying in previous stages of the weekend, you might also like to consider placing a bet in the Fastest Lap market.

Outright F1 Betting

Betting markets that dominate prior to the first weekend of the season are the Drivers and Constructors Championship's. You are also able to place these bets at any stage during an F1 season, and you'll simply be attempting to predict which driver or constructor will finish above all others in their respective championship's.

Current Leading Drivers of F1

Lewis Hamilton has won two of the last three F1 World Championships as Mercedes wrestled back the mantle as the top team in the sport. The Englishman also finished runner up to his team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2016 but with the German now having retired, Hamilton will once again be the favourite for success.

A German driver that had dominated the sport in recent years, no, you'll be forgiven for thinking we are referring to Michael Schumacher, but in fact, we're talking about Sebastian Vettel. The German claimed his first race win at the Italian Grand Prix in 2008, and hasn't looked back since. Vettel has gone onto secure the Drivers Championship in 2010 and defended his title in the following three seasons (2011, 2012, 2013).

Since his switch to Ferrari, Vettel is yet to hit the hights of his Red Bull days but he has made a solid start to the 2017 Championship and he looks likely to be Hamilton's most likely challenger over the course of the season.

Driver To Follow

Despite his tender age, Max Verstappen has already made a real name for himself in the world of Formula One. In the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, he became the youngest ever winner of a grand prix and ended that season with a further six podium finishes. He is an incredible young talent and certainly has the potential to be a future world champion.

Free Bets On Formula One

Here at MonsterBet, we are known for simply giving things away as we have all the latest free bets on offer, perfect to use on Formula One betting. Don't forget to check back with us, for all the latest F1 News and gossip from the track, race weekend previews and tips!.