A Brief History of Football

When betting on football it's useful to know a little about the history of the game.

An infographic about the origins of football

Football - the most popular sport in the world? Well here's a brief History of Football throughout the centuries from it's basic beginnings to the crazy media-driven circus that it is today.

when you look at how it started, it is not difficult to see what makes this game so addictive to watch and such a joy to play.

it has pace, aggression, flare, tenacity, courage and passion which are our animal instincts, but then come the more measured attributes such as strategy, implementation, formation, stamina which bring the most facscinating side of the sport into the pubs and clubs after a game to give endless hours of debate.

You can see form this infographic that the game has constantly evolved and many would argue that, particulalry in recent years, it's going the wrong way.

You give us your opinion!

Image by: monsterbet.co.uk

history of football infographic

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