A Guide to Football Betting

The beautiful game of football is one of the most followed sports globally, it ignites passion, emotion and most of all, opinion. Probably being the most popular market for sports betting, bookmakers often place football at the forefront of their sportsbook homepages. Here at MonsterBet, we provide a perfect source of information for all football betting information and free football bets.

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Football is the most popular sport in the world from a spectating and television viewing point of view and also attracts by far the most betting turnover and interest. The vast majority of online bets are placed on football.  Every sportsbook features an extensive range of football leagues and markets for betting. Gambling habits evolve over time with a new breed of bettor typically betting in-running on soccer matches using mobile devices. For the first time more bets were placed on the move than using desktops in 2016. Most of those bets are on soccer matches being shown live on TV or streamed to betting websites.

Football has a simple scoring system and the rivalry and loyalty to teams makes for a massive betting market. Free bets and welcome bonuses for existing and new customers encourage football betting and a wide range of odds and tips.

What Football can I bet on?

The most popular league for football betting around the world is the English Premier League and our detailed page is the perfect place to find out everything you need to know about betting on the Premier League. Television money has allowed clubs to invest in facilities and pay the highest wages to attract the best players. The EPL gets blanket coverage in the print media, online and on subscription based television channels. The top league in England is promoted extensively by Sky Sports and BT Sport and it is in their interests to see a high quality product. Betting companies promote the sport by offering generous concessions on key matches in the Premier League. It is the most cosmopolitan in the world and many countries are represented. The major clubs have a massive fan base around the world and support is generated and maintained by transmission of matches in many countries in all continents. Sales of replica shirts and merchandise are now an important element of the business plan of the major brands.

UEFA Champions League betting is also extremely popular given the fact the competition is considered the Holy Grail of European football due to the vast potential earnings. Viewers and gamblers have access to live coverage of every match, both at the group stage and in the knockout rounds. Betting turnover is encouraged by extensive media coverage and a significant range of betting markets. The best players in the world from Europe and South America play for the major European clubs who qualify for the Champions League just about every season. Football betting beginners and more experienced gamblers can place bets at punter-friendly kick-off times. Most fixtures in the Champions League begin at 19.45 GMT or 20.45 CET, ideal for recreational viewing and betting in the evening.

The other main leagues in Europe attract plenty of betting interest. In particular Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain and the Bundesliga in Germany are popular leagues for football betting and systems. Subscribers to Sky Sports and BT Sport can view matches in these leagues live and betting sites stream fixtures. British based customers also have access to odds in the Scottish Premier League, the minor leagues in Scotland and the English FA Cup and League Cup. The Europa League is less popular than the Champions League but regular English club involvement and live TV coverage on mainstream channels helps to create interest. English clubs have a good record in the Europa league.

There is a major football tournament every two years involving European nations, usually including England. The World Cup and European Championship finals are events that have to be made free-to-view by legislation. Euro 2016 was the biggest event in the history of sports betting. The involvement of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and some punter-friendly results in the group stages boosted turnover. Bettors latched on to the trend for low scoring matches quickly. The expansion of the tournament to include 24 teams led to defensive and low scoring fixtures. The first 32 of 36 group matches produced more than 2 goals just nine times and both teams scored in 11 games. Seventeen fixtures were won to nil and bookmakers reacted slowly which benefitted bettors. All 51 matches at Euro 2016 were shown live on ITV or BBC.  



Matches in the English Premier League feature over 100 betting markets, both pre-match and in-play. Bookmakers are always trying to introduce unique markets not offered by the competition. However, when one operator introduces something different competitors soon promote variations on the same theme. Punters can now bet on just about every aspect of a football match including key events and some of the more obscure. During Euro 2016 some firms offered odds on the woodwork being hit. Spot betting allows for wagers on frequent events. Some bettors like to bet often on regular events such as throw-ins, corners and goal kicks. Some of the conventional and most popular football betting markets are described below. 

Match Result

Betting on the outcome of a football match sometimes with the help of systems and tips is the most basic football bet. Odds are offered for 90 minutes play and there are three options: home win, away win and draw. The betting margin associated with the 1X2 is a good indicator of a betting company’s betting value to the customer. Bets are settled on the basis of normal and injury time and extra-time does not count. The betting line is based on recent form, league positions and customer interest in each team. Some bettors will back their favourite team to win each match blind.   

Correct Score

Bookmakers love correct score betting because there are so many variables. The odds on offer seem attractive but the unpredictable nature of the result of a football match makes correct betting bad value for those people interested in football betting. Margins are in favour of the bookmakers who set odds based on statistics and recent scoring records of each team. A consolation goal for the losing team or a slowing of the scoring rate by the winning team can spoil many correct score bets. The most popular tally of goals for any team is one followed by zero but bettors prefer to bet on something to happen than not so higher scores are backed despite poor value.   

Total Goals

The number of goals in a match can be bet on in two ways. The most popular market is over/under goals whereby customers try to predict if the goals scored will be above or below a specified number, usually 2.5. Half goal odds are quoted to prevent a tie and a push in football betting which results in returned stakes. The other way of betting on goals is in bands that typically might be one or less, two or three and more than three. This is usually a three-way market which bookmakers prefer as they have more chances of a bet losing. The over/under option is a two-way and these bets are more profitable for the customer even though the bookmaker still sets favourable margins.


Handicap betting is fraught with danger for the football betting fan. Most matches are won by one goal which means a market with a team having a one goal start will be a tie. Winning margins of two goals or more are less common than  one goal wins but many bets are taken on a team with a handicap or at least one goal so the majority are losing bets. Late consolation goals can also spoil handicap bets. A team with a match won might drop their level and allow the inferior team to score which affects the handicap result and makes for losing bets.

Draw No Bet

The draw no bet market has in-built insurance because stakes are returned if scores are level after normal time. However, there is a cost in terms of reduced odds. Stakes are refunded when a match is tied and two outcomes can prevent losing bets. If the backed team wins or avoid defeat nothing is lost. That happens when the team not included in the bet wins the fixture. A draw no bet wager is a good option in tight contests when a draw is a potential outcome or teams are well matched. The double chance bet is similar but this bet includes two of the three options combined and not insurance against a draw. Betting on the draw is under-represented in betting on football because people prefer to bet on a definite result rather than a stalemate. Small betting on low scores is another manifestation of this habit.      


Betting on player discipline as expressed by bookings and sending-offs is popular. Individual player records and the tendency of the referee to shows cards or exert authority in different ways are used to make predictions. Ten points are awarded for a yellow card and red cards equate to 25 points. These numbers are added to calculate the final bookings total and customers can back over or under this tally of points for bad behaviour and discipline. Some fixtures are prone to create clashes and foul play and others are more likely to produce low bookings count. Matches in which neither side have much to play for can lack aggression and commitment and so produce below average totals for cards.

Cash Out

Cash Out is a facility by which football bettors can close a bet before expiry and before the bet has been settled. Bookmakers make cash out offers based on the current odds during a match and the pre-match odds. Bets can be cashed out to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss. Odds fluctuate most after a goal has been scored and customers can take advantage if their predictions are right. If the backed team scores first their backers are in a strong position to cash out a bet at advantageous odds. Scoring can go the other way and when the backed team concedes first bettors are in a weak position so can limit the damage of letting the bet run. Bookmakers make an offer for a specified adjustment which changes over the time as the match progresses.  

Bettors face a dilemma with this option but bookmakers would not offer cash out if overall it was not a profitable concept. Customers are seduced into thinking cash out is the right choice but over time the bookmaker has created odds in his favour and a winning position more often than not. Cash out mirrors laying on Betfair for odds in favour of the backer if scoring goes as predicted. On Betfair a back bet can be cancelled by laying with a definite profit but only back bets are possible with conventional bookmakers and the cash out option equates to a laying facility. Customers perceive value but the margins are weighted heavily in favour of bookmakers and exchange operators.


In-play football betting has been a massive growth area in the last 15 years. Many matches are live on television or live streamed. Mobile betting lends itself to betting on a match away from home and the television screen and desktop. Over 50 markets are offered for live betting in the key areas of the match result, number of goals and the number of bookings. Odds are updated in running and betting markets are suspended after key events such as goals, red cards and penalties. Sites display key stats and the position of the ball on the field. The most striking graphics are used when a goal has been scored and the odds are adjusted.

Customers can bet on a variety of sports in-play and the most popular for live betting in the UK are football, tennis, cricket and the two codes of rugby. European and US sports are more popular in other parts of the world including on mainland Europe. Transmission delays can be problematic but customers are warned not to rely on scoring information displayed on a website when making their betting decisions. Many leagues are covered for live betting and sites employ staff to watch matches and relay a significant event to the back office of a betting company. Odds cannot be taken and cash out is not possible if a match has been suspended for betting.

Football Betting To Win


Football is by far the most popular betting sport in the world and as such there is a plethora of information for punters in the battle to beat the bookies. Placing and accepting bets is head-to-head combat and small edges can be significant. Bookmakers already have betting margins in their favour which means the bettor has to win more than half the time to break even. In a two-way market typical prices are 10/11 the pair so the mathematics are loaded in favour of the operator. This margin covers the costs of coming to the market and providing a service and an element of profit. 

Generally a football match result three way market will be priced with a theoretical margin of no more than 6%. Broadly this means backers must be right 35% of the time which and they are being paid at odds of 15/8 when the actual probability is a one in three chance (2/1), other things being equal. Some football markets have much bigger margins such as the correct score, first scorer and scorecast. The bigger the margin in favour of the bookmaker the more times the punter must be right relative to the odds on offer. This need for any edge has given rise to massive amounts of guidance and some football betting systems and strategies are described below:    

Tips Today 

There are huge amount of football betting tips today so it’s difficult to know which ones to trust. One decent pointer is to consider football betting systems advertised in the Racing Post. The paper has an in depth proofing procedure that means any claims made in adverts must be verified with bet records. In order to get a system passed the tipster must send the bets to the Racing Post ahead of the fixtures. The proofing team will then decide if the system is eligible for advertising and this is an ongoing process. There will be plenty of choice during the next FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018. 

As with many services today the internet has given rise to sites that proof and judge football betting systems. However, one potential flaw is that the site may be an affiliate with the tipping system. This means the comparison site operator will get commission on sales. That financial element could give rise to impartiality. However, the reputable comparison sites will give an honest assessment to gain a reputation which in the long run is worth must more than some commission in the short term.

Some sites that provide football tips today self-proof and again this is about reputation. Obviously if a football system loses money consistently there is nowhere to hide but potential customers should be wary of fabrication. If you are looking to source some football betting tips many products provide a complimentary month or more. Generally you provide payment details and money will be only taken after the free month expires. However, the supplier may not send a reminder and the first month’s fee could be taken before you realise payment is due. 

Every football tips site claims to make money and sometimes snapshots are taken to present an inaccurate picture. Some sites focus on pure stats but disregard injury news and ground conditions. Three months is the minimum amount of time to measure the effectiveness of the tipping service but that might involve paying a subscription once the free trial has ended. Certain blue chip sites have built up a good reputation but its best to bet with small stakes or with theoretical stakes to gain confidence in tips. Keeping detailed and accurate records is important even if the site provides this information. Personal spreadsheets can be used to analyse results based on a range of criteria.  

Predictions and Advice

There are many football betting prediction sites and some of these are affiliates. However, the information is valuable and often free as the site earns income from the affiliate partnership with the bookmakers. Prediction sites often provide a multi-sports service also featuring the other main betting sports such as tennis, basketball and US Sports. One methodology is to assess the % probability of a specific outcome and comparing that with the odds on offer. Some useful sites recommend accumulators across a selection of leagues. The predictions also recommend a bookmaker with deep linking from the prediction site to the online sportsbook.

Other such sites provide comprehensive guides to soccer betting. Comparison sites are a good source of reference when measuring the quality of the information. Most sites provide betting guides as we do at MonsterBet.co.uk. Our site highlights free bets and previews major sporting events, including those related to soccer. Football is heavily featured on this site but other sports such as tennis, horse racing and cricket are also covered. With so much advice available it can be difficult to identify what is useful. Good content allied to tips in terms of previews and analysis is a sign tat there is some commitment to helping football bettors and not just displaying affiliate links to bookmakers.


Many football betting is done on instinct or loyalty to one team. By the law of averages these method will produce some winning bets but more losers. However, a better approach is to develop a strategy or adopt football betting systems, though football betting systems are not infallible and many don’t work. The good ones recommend bets when conditions justify investment. Certain factors are taken into account and the result is the rejection or justification for a bet. Some systems are not useful and can be expensive in terms of betting losses but others have some value but with no guarantee of being successful over a sustained period of time. Sometimes applying a decent football betting system is more about limiting losses than making profits. It’s worth knowing the good points and bad points and here are three that have a good following even though results and profitability may not justify that support:

Martingale System

The Martingale System has been put forward as a valid way of winning money on roulette at a casino but it is intrinsically flawed. The concept seems feasible in all forms of gambling and the basic requirement is placing successive bets at even money. In football the system can be applied to and market in which one of the outcomes is evens. There are many cases in soccer matches in which the favourite is perceived to have an even chance of winning a fixture. The system is applied to matches that do not take place at the same time as each bet must be placed independently as a single and not in multiples.

The basic premise behind the Martingale System is to back a football team at even money and if the bet loses double the stake on the next match. An initial £10 stake on a loser is doubled to £20 for the next bet. If the second team wins the total stake is £30 and the return is £40 which equates to a profit of one unit over the two bets. However, successive losers means stakes are continually doubled until there is a winner. There is no guarantee of one winner arriving in the early stages of applying the winner as the odds stay at evens and are not subject to the law of averages. 

The drawback of the system is that it requires a large total stake. Based on a stake unit of £10 six successive losers means stakes over this run of £10, £20, £40, £80, £160 and £320 equalling £630 all to win £10. As each additional bet loses the stake quickly increases and two things can happen. The bettor can run out of money or exceed betting limits on certain markets. Betting on black or red in role soon reaches house limits and the system has to be halted after incurring losses. In many cases bettors have to give up before finding the winner that provides a profit of one unit.   

Labouchere System

The Labouchere System can also be applied to even money outcomes in football matches and has more potential for success than the Martingale System. The first stage is to decide the desired win amount relative to the stake unit. Assuming a bettor wants to win £100 from an initial stake of £10 the system involves ten transactions. The first bet will be one unit and the bets increase after each successive loser but by double the stake. A more sophisticated staking means stakes are increased by less than the Martingale system so the bet has more time to produce a winner.  

However, a losing run of eight bets could negate any benefits and leave the bettor facing significant losses. Just because there have been ten blacks on a roulette wheel the odds on a red on the next spin do not change. In a football match a team is priced at even money as they are predicted to have an equal chance of winning a match than not. An even probability doesn’t become at one in three chance because of a run of losers and each outcome is independent of previous ones.

The basic principle equates to maintaining the current stake after a winner but not increasing the stake after a winner to a point where the bank is used up before a successful wager. The Labouchere System takes into accounts growing or receding bankrolls but the system can soon be expensive after a run of losers. The mathematics hold up better than with the Martingale System but without a substantial initial bank for successive stakes losing is ultimately inevitable so more a modest football bettor this system should also be avoided. The strategy can result in a high bankroll growing but the potential risks outweigh the possible returns.    

Kelly Criterion   

After the bad news here is some good news as the Kelly Criterion is one of the most effective football betting systems available. Compared to the Martingale System and Labouchere System this is a more useful way of winning football betting.  The principle behind the Kelly Criterion is based on equating stakes to perceived value. It applies money management procedures to balancing the potential profit with the actual risk. The Kelly Criterion dictates the best stake unit to limit risk but meet winning requirements. A formula is applied that determines whether to bet or not.

Bettors compare the odds on offer with a personal assessment of the probability and bet accordingly. For example if you can bet on Manchester United to beat Liverpool at even money and the assessment is that they should be ½ a bet is placed. The stake is determined by the amount between the actual and perceived odds. One obvious flaw is inaccurate assessments and they can cause losses. However, the theory works given some well established methods of comparing team’s form and ability and will produce more winning than losing bets.  


Strategies and different to systems as there is some element of objectivity in deciding which bets to place based on certain criteria. A strategy is a plan of action that is followed to reach a target and is also called a game plan or scheme. A system is more about an organised set of actions or methodology to achieve objectives. A system has a number of dimensions grouped together while a strategy is one dimensional. In terms of football a system involves backing teams at evens more while a strategy is more selective in terms of making betting decisions.

Systems and strategies are interchangeable and the methods described below could fit into each strategy. Strategic betting uses systems that minimise the chances of losing and have the potential to produce decent wins. The gut wrenching feeling of a long bad run can be eliminated by focusing on proven methods. Here are a number of suggestions related to football betting that can be applied to any country or league but some detailed information is required. Common sense and information can help lock in profits or make educated bets which guarantee a return regardless of the outcome.

Hedging Football Bets

Bookmakers are in the business of making profits by offering odds on football matches and other sporting events. Built in profit margins give them an edge and this handicap proves to be insurmountable for most football bettors but a small proportion do win. Gamblers are given the opportunity with cash out facilities that mirror laying on betting exchanges to make modest but frequent profits while sacrificing the life-changing jackpot win. Building a bank slowly is more rewarding than speculating and having troughs and peaks in the betting bank. Small scale but regular wins are more profitable in the long run than one big return followed by a sustained losing run.

The key to creating a “win-win” situation reflected in an all green book on Betfair is finding a decent bet but if that was easy everybody would be doing it. Long term growth can be achieved when the benefits of odds moving in your favour are maximised. This does not means winning the biggest potential amount but by careful trading and cashing out bets. The scoring system in football and the amount of coverage makes the sport a good fit for taking advantageous of favourable odds movements. Situations like this will arise and a good hedging strategy is required.

The biggest upset in the history of sports betting was Leicester City winning the English Premier League in the 2015-16 season having been quoted at 5,000/1 before a ball had been kicked. A similar but less extreme case was Wales to win Euro 2016. They could have been backed at 80/1 ahead of the tournament and before meeting Portugal in the last four were quoted at 8/1. Both scenarios could have been exploited in different ways but the net result is guaranteed profits and winning bets.    

Every week there were stories in the regular and betting Press about punters who had a fiver or tenner on Leicester at huge odds. The concept of cashing out became mainstream as people let their bets ride or took a definite return. Ultimately those holding out and kept their nerve were vindicated but it could have gone horribly wrong. The outcome cost bookmakers a fortune in the outright market but Leicester were coupon busters week after week and on balance it was a good result. Many people will now place a modest bet on their team and that all adds up.

When cashing out or laying at favourable odds on a betting exchange the liability on the second bet must not exceed the potential profit from the original bet. If odds move in your favour because of how the match pans out the minimum target should be to cover the first stake. A rough guide is to use half the profit from the first bet to place the second bet depending on how much the odds have moved. Cashing out with conventional bookmakers and potential returns with a betting exchange do this job.  

Knockout football tournaments can be handled in a slightly different way. With an 80/1 wager on Wales to win Euro 2016 placed backing the teams they meet in the latter rounds to qualify or their opponents in the final to win the tournament guarantees a profit. The calculation is slightly more complex but in effect this is hedging bets or having insurance against Wales being eliminated or losing in the final. The maximum potential return from an 80/1 winner has been sacrificed in favour of a definite return and a growing betting bank.

As always the key to beating the book is making a prediction that looks like being right. These opportunities don’t come along very often but keeping abreast of price movements and having a plan will bring long terms benefits and take some of the stress of backing a big outsider and dreading something going wrong. Leicester City and Wales were great examples and having techniques in place can help punters maximise the benefit of backing an opinion at big odds. A hedging strategy can be applied to individual matches but outcomes don’t offer huge odds so long term markets are more suited to an insurance strategy.     

Monitoring Corners

Odds compilers have a big workload and focusing on one aspect of a football match can be lucrative. There is a plethora of information online about events in a match and how many happen for both sides. Identifying one element as a niche can work even though statistics are out there for just about anything that can happen in a match. Betting on the number of corners might seem bizarre but with the right statistics some nice profits can be made. Simply by recording the number of corners a team wins and concedes, home and away, can generate profits after the initial exchanges in a season. 

The English Premier League is suited to this strategy because every match is analysed and the numbers are easy to recognise and monitor. A good sample would be ten matches so the early weeks of the season are about recording the number of corners but being patient about placing bets. This approach could be applied to free kicks, throw ins and offsides but corners are good because bookies price them up in head-to-head markets. 

A simple spreadsheet can be designed to record the number of corners won and conceded for each team in a Premier League. Few football fans collect this vital information and you won’t find it easily on the internet. A corner’s profile can be built up for each team showing the average number won and conceded over the course of the season. A weekly procedure to record corners should take no more than 30 minutes but the data can be used for betting on corners. Markets are expressed as under/over a specified number and in three bands. Punters can choose the two-way or three-way option but the records can be applied to both markets.

Total corners can be used purely statistically to make bets but other factors can be examined to provide a better edge. Some people prefer to just follow the numbers and might not have the time or energy to take other factors into account. However, a more refined strategy involves considering five factors that help determine potential total corners in any football match in the Premier League.  

Attacking tendencies: High corner counts are associated with teams that utilise full backs, wingers or wing backs to create attacking width. These teams are more prone to attack from the touchline towards the goal line to create crossing opportunities which are prevented by the defending team placing the ball out and over the goal line.

Defensive strategy: Some teams have the confidence and ability to play the ball out of their defending third of the pitch rather than concede a corner. This strategy might involve heading the ball away from the goal but back into the danger area or passing or dribbling up the pitch into midfield.  

Clearing lines: Some defences focus on eliminating the potential for conceding a goal and giving up a corner is a by-product of clearing their lines. This is percentage defending as it handles the immediate problem. Good defences are confident they can then deal with the next threat which might come from a corner.

Pitch dimensions: Football pitches must have dimensions that fall within a minimum and maximum range that provide scope for variations. The larger the playing area the greater amount of space wide of the pitch. More areas to attack equates to dangerous situations to defend and more corners.

Weather: The weather can influence the potential number of corners in a football match. Windy weather and rain makes defending more difficult and clearing lines a less reliable option. Getting the ball away from the goal can become more desperate and conceding a corner the best option. Muddy pitches make it more difficult to attack down the wings and this reduces the count.   

With the statistics and these factors under consideration there are opportunities to do well betting on corners from about October when a reasonable amount of corner data has been collected. Something similar can be applied for major football tournaments but this strategy is more likely to succeed if corner records from qualifying are maintained. The approach is more suited to domestic leagues because more matches are involved in the initial research.

Bookmaker Offers

Football is the most popular sport when it comes to free bets and promotions. The leading betting brands have ongoing offers and match specific concessions related to football matches and there will be many offers related to the 2016-17 Champions League. These are seen as loss leaders to get new accounts but careful trading can lead to regular profits. Bookmakers are wise to customers manipulating their offers so some subtlety is required.  Without being too greedy there are opportunities to take advantage of matched bonuses by placing counter bets on a betting exchange. Operators know this is happening but sacrifice something today in order to attract new customers and keep the loyalty of existing ones.

Free bets are now a major part of the football betting industry but in the long run bookmakers may revert to trading their prices and not following a strategy of false economy. The industry is becoming more consolidated so the competition could become less intense. The era around the 2016 European Championship finals could be the best for free bets. Bookmakers are innovative and there could be new developments that focus on sharper prices and better procedures rather than giving away money in the form of free bets. Cashing out bets and adjusting accumulators are relatively new developments but others will follow. 


The internet has led to a massive amount of free information. Many sites are a labour of love and maintained as a hobby and not as a business venture. With so much detailed free information it is difficult for a business model based on subscriptions to work. Some statistic sites adopt the bookmaker affiliate model whereby the affiliate receives commission for bookmakers from introducing new customers. Bettors like to assess statistics and some bookmakers provide records of form and head-to-head results for two teams in a football match for which they compile odds. Sites are associated with bookmakers and media brands which use their name to attract visitors.  

How To Make Money

There are no easy ways of making money betting on football. Something like 98% of sports bettors across many sports lose in the long run. It is very difficult to maintain discipline and some bettors see betting as a hobby and not a way to make money. They may even be resigned to losing and see this as the cost of a hobby. Bookmakers like recreational customers because they are less likely to do research and follow disciplined strategies and systems.

This tendency to see betting as a pastime means there are opportunities for the more educated and disciplined bettor to win money, break even or keep losses to a minimum. Consistent winning can be achieved when a profitable system has been identified and staking discipline is adopted. Keeping bet records is important and basic spreadsheets can be set up and maintained without investing a great deal of time.  Daily updates can pay off in the long run.

There are many football betting tipping services and systems on the market. Most are not reliable but there might be some gems out there. Comparison sites analyse results but some of these are affiliates and won’t give a balanced view of a service. Private record keeping and proofing can identify winning systems which can be exploited with a consistent and disciplined staking plan. Money management and following important rules can lead to profitable football betting. Most gamblers lose sight of these habits as they see betting as recreational so the remaining minority can take advantage.

MonsterBet's advice on Football Betting

As with all betting, there are no guarantees, however,if you remain disciplined, do your research and stick with MonsterBet's match previews, you'll be on the way to successfully making profits from betting on football. MonsterBet have a long history of previewing free football bets. 

One of the key factors in successfully making profits, is betting on what you know, and not randomly on a team or market just because they are 'favourites to win'. Focus on leagues and teams that you are most knowledgeable on. This will create a better opportunity and give you the edge for finding selections which have been underestimated and therefore overpriced in the market.

Don't forget to keep checking back for our latest match previews, were we will be looking in-depth into the biggest matches worldwide, and give you all the statistics, trends and tips you'll ever need.