Using Betting Systems in Sports Betting

This betting article covers the use of betting systems. Some years ago I was experimenting with betting systems in sports betting that had been devised for roulette and other types of casino game.

The fact of the matter is that any betting system can be utilised in other forms of gambling and here I want to look at one such betting system for horse racing.

This system involves you backing the favourites but only favourites that are strong favourites in small fields. This could be for example an Even money favourite in an 8-runner field. These are the horses that will win close to their percentage chances.

The basics of the system are to pick strong favourites in fields of 10-runners or less with the favourite being priced at Evens at the most. This will guarantee us a very good strike rate of winners but the favourite must be considerably stronger than its nearest rival.

Increase Bets After a Loss

You start out betting ten pounds on the first bet and you increase that by five pounds every time you lose and decrease it by five pounds every time you win. So if you have two consecutive winners then you bank the money. Let us take Evens chances to make things simpler.

If your first two bets are winners then you have won a ten pound and a five pound and you start again from ten. If you lose the first bet then the next bet is fifteen pound and the next twenty pound and so on.

So if you start with two losing bets then you are down by twenty five pound. However if the next two bets are winners then you have won with a twenty pound bet and a fifteen pound bet which puts you ahead by ten pound over four bets even though your strike rate was 50%.

Winning Without a High Strike Rate

If you hadn’t varied your bets then you would have won twenty pound and lost twenty pound. There is no house edge like there is with a casino although betting firms do have their overround.

However with short priced favourites then your strike rate is very high and also the shorter priced the competitor then they will return very close to their odds in terms of ROI (return on investment) which means that for every pound wagered then you come as close to returning the full pound than you do by backing at any other odds.

The shorter the competitor then the more you will return in terms of ROI. This has been proven down the years with results taken from horse racing over tens of thousands of races.

The higher the price then the greater the potential immediate pay out but the lower the ROI when taken over a very large sample size. While you may or may not use a betting system like this, it is certainly food for thought.

In fact this sort of betting system could in fact be very effective on the betting exchanges where you can actually trade out of an event in running.