The Life of a Pro Sports Betting Punter

I have worked in the betting industry now for a long time in various capacities. Although I have never punted for a living, I have played blackjack for a living and since 2002, professional poker.

So I am aware of what it takes to actually be a professional within risk markets……or do I? Recently I was reading about the day to day activities of a couple of professional punters and their work rate and work ethic was staggering.

This is something that I need to match. For example I was reading about one guy who had contacts in most sports. For example he had contacts within the world of cricket, football, golf and tennis.

Sporting Contacts

I do feel that it is important to have contacts because it simply isn’t possible to understand the game at a professional level unless you are immersed in it all the time. I recall reading a book on trading some years ago where the trader was taking advice from a well- known professional cricketer.

He made a remark that the average Sunday League player has no concept of what happens in a professional cricket match. I would go as far as to say that this applies in all sports and game when comparing what happens at the lowest levels to what happens at the highest levels.

I know for example when I play poker that my knowledge is on a different planet to the guys down at my local pub that play for fun.

These guys think that they know the game when in actual fact they don’t have the foggiest notion of just what it takes to play professional level poker. I recall reading about a professional punter who was working eighteen hour days for four days a week and twelve hour days for the remaining two.

Powerful Work Ethic

That is a staggering 96 hours per week, he didn’t have any personal life but boy was he raking in the big money. Now I am not saying that you should do this but we can all learn some lessons when it comes to work ethic from these guys.

I recall watching the movie “Wall Street” some years ago and I have also read many books on trading. I also know that having “contacts” within companies and organisations are really what the best traders seem to be doing.

The life of a professional sports betting punter is one of hard work just like it is with any other job. It isn’t easy to beat the betting industry for large amounts of money.

The betting firms will simply not just sit back and hand professionals large amounts of money. Part and parcel of being a pro these days is to have numerous accounts in numerous different names just so you can get your money on.

Even then new accounts that were placing large sums of money may look hard at these people. The hardest part of professional gambling in any capacity is that the betting firm, casino, card room or whoever simply do not need to accept your action. The chances are that if your action is welcomed then you are not a professional.