Spotting a Change of Direction

In sports betting then the players that make the most money are the ones that can spot a change of direction sooner than the rest. Our betting guides focus on what the professionals do to get the edge over the bookmakers. These people probably bet for a living. If you want to make money from sports betting then you need to be able to make pre-emptive strikes so to speak.

This means trying to work out what the future will be for a certain competitor. As a rule then there is margin in opposing already establish competitors if there are changes that could impact on their already established results.

For example Manchester United in the Premier League this season was a classic case in point. There is no way that United under new manager David Moyes were going to perform to a higher standard than the United under Sir Alex Ferguson……although it was possible it was also very unlikely to happen.

So if an improvement is unlikely to happen then United’s form would either be at the same level as last season or worse.

United We Fall

I always thought that United were lucky last season in that there was turmoil at both of their biggest rivals clubs’. Chelsea sacked Roberto Di Matteo after a few weeks of the season and then replaced him with the much hated Rafael Benitez.

So there was constant unrest at the club and we all know about the unrest at City with people like Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli. So United had a peaceful season by comparison.

However it is United that now have had their equilibrium disturbed and this season will be very interesting. In any one game of football then there is little to choose between the big three clubs.

So if you could get say 2/1 on United for the title then that is a price that could easily be opposed simply because there are strong possibilities for the teams’ form to go backwards because the chances of it improving were slim.

However because it is Manchester United then people still back them anyway and this leads to an incorrect price! Another example could be seen with Rory Mcilroy.

Sports Betting Tricks

There wasn’t really any mileage anymore in backing him to win majors because after being a double major winner and in such spectacular fashion, his odds were not going to get that much shorter to win future majors. The big issue though was when he changed club manufacturers.

This is a possible reason for things to go wrong with his form. If you are going to base your bets on news then make sure that it is news that cannot be questioned and is totally accurate.

For example basing your bets on rumours isn’t really scientific. The news that Mcilroy was changing club manufacturers was also going to have an effect on his ability to maintain his form.

Remember that odds have one of two ways to go……..upwards or downwards. The more they travel downwards then the less scope there is to keep on moving in that direction. So a player at even money doesn’t have that far to go before he cannot fall any further in price.

Imagine though if something happened that meant that this player wouldn’t win……suddenly their theoretical price is unlimited and could easily be 100/1…..200/1 or higher.