Sports Betting Analogies in Poker

There are many similarities between playing poker for a living and sports betting but one of the least understood of them all is in how the level of sophistication on the part of your opponents allows you to make money in any poker game. Our other betting articles highlight some of the basics on making money from sports betting. This article covers exactly how punters need to get an edge over the bookies, and how it's done in poker.

This is exactly the same with sports betting because the information networks that you are going up against are pretty substantial and this means that to get the better of them requires something equally substantial.

Do you know why most people fail to make money in sports betting? It isn’t because they don’t know or understand the sports in which they are looking to bet on because they do.

It is because they do not know them enough to offset the advantage that the sports firms and bookmakers have when they set the prices. In short then form analysis is only half the battle if you cannot get the right prices and odds.

The Poker Analogy

This is exactly the same in poker, being a good player is only half the battle because unless you are sitting with players who are weaker than you then your knowledge and ability do you no good whatsoever.

It is exactly the same with the financial markets; the liquidity that is placed into the system is put there by huge market makers who have absolutely no intention of giving you money.

These firms are very good at what they do and so what makes you think that you can outsmart these people? In online poker then decent and good poker players basically had it easy during the early years because millions of players who were active in the game were very weak.

Raked Poker Games

So even though the sites were raking the games then the good players were making a lot of money and the merely decent players were doing well too.

But then the information networks and educational poker networks went into overdrive and the playing population caught up and suddenly middle limits were full of professionals and very good players in the same mould as market makers and betting firms…….they had the comparable expertise and this made going up against them very tough.

When you factor in the insider trading then it became a very tough place to survive and thrive. These days you cannot look at sports betting or online poker as a way to get rich because your opponents are as formidable as they have ever been.