Making Money From Sports Betting The Idle Way

It has always been said that you need to have maths degrees and all sorts of maths wizardry to qualify to be a sports bettor these days. Whilst our articles on betting cover plenty information on general betting tips, I think there are several ways to go with sports betting that are identical to stock trading.

Firstly you can be what I call a position trader or a position bettor. This is akin to a financial trader who buys a stock with a long term view that the price will either go up or down.

This is the same as the sports betting punter that bets on the outcome. To do that in the field of sports betting then you need to have absolute confidence in that the current odds are wrong.

Betting Information

When you consider how much information is pumped into the market then trying to come to a conclusion that you are right and the market is wrong is pretty difficult. However it can be done for one simple reason.

In fast moving markets or markets that are prone to price fluctuations before the start like horse racing for example then you are only ever looking at a short term picture when you see a certain price.

However this does not alter the fact that by betting on the actual result that you are taking a view on what will win or lose and are sticking to that view.

To make money in this way sports betting is difficult and requires expertise and a lot of hard work and dedication. It also requires access to accurate rating systems as well because whether you back or lay then one thing is clear, this is that you will need to find a price that is greater or less than the actual probability of it winning or losing.

Using The Betting Exchanges

The next way to bet on sports and one that requires less expertise is to use the betting exchanges to trade price movements and this is akin to financial day trading.

The third option is to try and identify when the betting public are moving one way and the betting firms are trying to trap them by offering poor value.

For example a few years ago when Ricky Hatton fought Floyd Mayweather for the world title he could be backed as low as 6/4 in the UK.

Clearly though this was patriotic support at its best and over in the States the same fighter could be backed at around 3/1! With such a large difference between the two fighters then both markets couldn’t have been correct.

The US betting firms were giving Hatton a twenty five per cent chance of winning while the UK firms had him at forty per cent.

You need to remember that the accumulative weight of betting will move the price eventually as betting firms look to balance their books. I laid Ricky Hatton on that day when he was eventually knocked out by Floyd Mayweather.