How to Bet In-Play With William Hill

Betting-In-Play is the phenomenon that has gripped bookmakers, punters and the betting industry in general in recent times, and is an element of betting that encompasses all areas, sports and events, including Football Betting, Horse Racing Betting and Tennis Betting to name only a few. The idea of being restricted to placing your bets prior to an event, kick-off or start time is all but a distant memory, as punters alike have pounced on the opportunity handed to them by online bookmakers in particular, to bet on their desired market during in the course of, and throughout an event or match, whilst many bookmakers will also offer live streaming to further assist punters looking to place their bets.

With our Monsterbet Guide to Betting-In-Play we'll use William Hill as an example. We'll tell and show you exactly what we mean by the term 'Betting-In-Play' and 'In-Running-Betting', how to stay ahead of the bookmakers with our simple blueprint to follow, to assist you turning your free bets into winning selections, and make your 'In-Play' betting profitable. If that's not enough, we'll also tell you all about our top recommended bookmakers for free bets, so you can try it for yourself.

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How And When Did It Become So Popular?

In theory this is a form of betting which allows punters to bet on their desired market during a football match, horse race, tennis match and countless other sporting and non-sporting events. This form of betting is offered by the vast majority of online and in-shop bookmakers, betting exchanges. Anyone looking to get started should use their £30 William Hill free bet to give it a go.

The bulk of betting opportunities and markets available prior to the start of an event are now also accessible during the course of the event, and updated with precision second-by-second. Markets such as the winning team of a football match, first goalscorer markets, winning horse in a race, and the next batsman out in a cricket match.

William Hill has developed a tidy looking interface for those punters looking to place a few bets throughout the duration of a game. Players are given detailed statistics relating to the progression of the match, the players currently on the field and important statistics such as possession and shots made. These statistics allow players to backup their pre-match bets with informed decisions and can aid profitability for the punter massively.

The most common and popular sport that 'Betting-In-Play' punters navigate to is Football Betting. In general Football betting is one of the most popular sports bet on throughout the world, so it's unsurprising that it's just as popular for those who enjoy betting during a game. Aside from the luxury amount of markets on offer with William Hill (Our Football Betting section has an in-depth look at the most popular football betting markets) 'Betting-In-Play' punters can use this method of betting to hedge their bets. For example, if you've backed a team to win their match prior to kick-off, and they score two early goals or lead by a goal at half-time, in most cases, if not in all, the price for that team to win the match 'In-Running' will be drastically shorter than the price you backed it at prior to kick-off. This invariably means the price on offer for the opposing team and draw will be boosted (drift), therefore, allowing you to back the other outcomes of the match to guarantee a profit, whatever the full-time result.

Betting live on football with the majority of bookmakers and betting exchanges can be done up-until the last minute of a match, with exciting up-to-date markets such as 'Next Team to Score', 'Next Goalscorer', 'Total Corner Range' and 'Total Booking Points'. Whichever market you wish to dabble-in, Football Betting-In-Play allows punters to watch a game of their own choice, and bet on outcomes and possibilities as they happen.

Certain football/soccer matches won't be available throughout the match with William Hill. You'll have to get your pre-match bets placed for certain markets such as the match result and both teams to score market.

Another sport and betting market that has been revolutionised by 'In-Running-Betting' is Horse Racing. Many will have at some time or another, rushed up to a bookmakers pitch or counter, or frantically trying to log-into your online account to place a bet on a horse race that is almost ready to start. Well, with 'In-Running-Betting', punters can now back a horse during the race. This element of betting is predominately offered by betting exchanges such as Betfair or Betdaq, although more and more bookmakers such as Ladbrokes are offering prices during the race on a select number of races throughout the day.

The concept has lent itself to many of the major sports, and bookmakers now have traders situated throughout the world offering markets and live odds on events in progress, such as Tennis, Cricket, Darts and almost any event you can conceivably think of.

Blueprint to Betting During An Event

Up-to-the-second information is key, more so than any other form of betting. As it's become commonplace and to such a large scale within the betting industry, bookmakers have become astute and canny, and its our responsibility as the punter, to have the tools at hand to bet successfully 'In-Running'.

Betting-In-PlayOne of the major tools required is certainly the facility to watch the sport or event you are betting on, live. Many bookmakers and betting exchanges now provide live streaming through their website's, such as Horse Racing, Tennis and Football matches. It is vitally important you check the time-delay of these streams prior to placing any 'In-Running' bets. Bookmaker's are helpful and this information can be found easily on their individual website's, for example, Betfair's online stream is typically delayed by 2-5 seconds, commonly used for punters betting during a horse race, however this varies from sport-to-sport.

It's also vitally important to consider how much you are betting before clicking that 'place bet' button. When we bet prior to an event, we tend to have the time to consider the outcomes and think over the thought-process of 'why we're backing a selection'. When you're Betting-In-Play, you can get swept up-in-the moment, and react on instinct or 'feeling' which may result in you betting at a larger stake than you would normally place, or would have placed prior to the event, when you had time to contemplate. One of Monsterbet's golden rules of 'Betting-In-Play' is to bet at the same level as you would prior to the event/match.

As with any type of bet, research is paramount. Many of the exchanges and bookmaker's offer live statistics during a football or tennis match, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be resourceful and find your own 'useful websites'. It could also prove profitable to explore who you are betting on, for example, does a certain team that concede the first goal have a good or bad record at recovering?, likewise in tennis, does a player who loses the first set or serve tend to bounce back?, or in horse racing, does a certain horse often travel like the winner in it's races, but more often than not, doesn't have 'much left in the tank' as it would appear?. All questions to ask yourself and research prior to placing your In-Running bets.

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